Worcester Painters How To

Worcester Painters How To Paint

Massachusetts has unique weather that can be difficult to manage when it comes to house painting. Our How To list can show you the process used to paint your home.

exterior painting Worcester MAStep 1: Preparation of all Surfaces

Don’t rush in and start painting before you have done the important prep work. This is the most important step in house painting.  Any Worcester Painting Contractor will agree that it is critical to get the best looking coverage.

Before house painting make sure there are no flaking and the paint is not chipping. Repainting an older home can be difficult, check every area of the exterior walls and trim. You may discover that the paint is chipping, peeling, or even molded.


Step 2: Caulking and Patching before house painting

A tube of caulk is your best defense to block out water and keep bugs out of your home. It is important to seal any cracks in the exterior of your home and make sure all seams are tight. Make sure and caulk before you paint window frames, door frames, molding and painting any outdoor boards.

Step 3: Paint and Prime

We always recommend that painting contractors in Worcester MA and house painters in Shrewsbury MA use a quality sealer before painting. Primer paint creates a good encapsulated surface that will give you the perfect barrier to paint with your exterior paint.  Let the primer or sealer fully dry and never paint below 35 degrees to ensure it does not freeze.
Step 4: Professional Exterior Painting Contractor

Exterior painting is a complex process that will protect your home and investment. Make sure you find a Painting Contractor Worcester or Painting Contractor Shrewsbury MA that you can trust.