How to house painting in Worcester MA

How to Paint Your House: House painting in Worcester MA

House painting Shrewsbury MAHouse Painting your home is a big job that most people can not do it alone. The most important part of house painting is keeping up with the maintenance an ongoing repairs. Many people choose to hire a painting contractor when it comes to painting your entire house.

Start by cleaning the area you want to paint. The preparation stage will help you choose what type of paint to use. Interior and exterior painting are two different things and you can not apply the same methods to both. Exterior house painting in Worcester MA, Shrewsbury, MA and all of Central Massachusetts should be done from Spring to Fall when the temperatures are just right. Cold temperatures and sunlight can damage exterior painting so you will need to plan around the weather and season.

Exterior painters in Worcester can be found easily online but you need an expert who can identify problems with house painting the exterior of your home. These are some common problems house painters in Worcester MA face everyday.

Exterior House Painting and Interior Painting- Peeling Paint

Peeling paint can come from a range of different problems but wet wood is usually the culprit. If your house is moist or wet for any reason it can make your paint peel. Sweating pipes are sometimes the problem with interior house painting. Latex paint is the best for moist areas and make sure that you open windows and get air flow.

Step 1: House Painting Preparation

Painting is hard work and requires a lot of preparation. I can not stress it enough that the surface must be thoroughly cleaned before you start your house painting. For exterior painting projects a pressure washer will clean but you can blow out the soft grain in the wood if you are not careful. Another good preparation is using a wire brush.

Step 2: Calculating The Paint

Calculate your surface area to buy enough paint for your project. On average 1 gallon of paint will cover about 350 square feet. Of course raw wood or rough exterior surfaces soak up far more paint. Remember that it never hurts to overestimate and you can use that paint later for touching up and maintenance. Here is a square footage calculator to help you decide how much paint you will need for your house painting project.

Step 3: Start House Painting

Free Home Estimates: 857-205-6004So you have now planned and prepared the surface you want to paint. Now let’s get started with house painting. Remember to never paint the exterior in sunlight if you can help it, if not just paint fast and hope for the best. If you are painting on a ladder, never paint alone and make sure you have someone to help you even if it is holding the ladder.

When you are painting with the brush make long smooth strokes horizontally and vertically to spread the paint. You will get the feel of it with time, avoid drips and runs. Once you have completed painting allow at least 24hrs to dry before you reattach any fixtures or pictures.